Happy Friday / Cinco de Mayo!

The countdown to quitting time has begun.


Happy Friday Gang! Happy Cinco de Mayo to all who celebrate too!!


Nothing much going on here (as per usual) I just put a big pan of Eggplant parm in the oven. I like making a big one even though it’s just the two of us. It tastes even better as left overs and freezes beautifully :heart_eyes:

Other than that, I’ve been tending to a wrenched back. I stupidly tried to put the milk back in the fridge the other day :roll_eyes:



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I have no Mexican heritage, but I’ll celebrate anyway with a plate of nachos and a Dos Equis.

I don’t pull muscles in my back very often, but each time, it’s been the result of some everyday ordinary thing. I completely relate to the hazards of putting milk back in the fridge. I hope you heal up soon.