Happy Friday - October 12, 2018

It’s Friday!!! Thank God! :smiley:

Been a long, frustrating week. I’m quite happy to be looking down the other side of it :slight_smile:


Today is The Day of Six Billion. What is that you ask … well let me tell you :smiley:

The United Nations Population Fund designated 12 October 1999 as the approximate day on which the world population reached six billion. It was officially designated The Day of Six Billion. Demographers do not universally accept this date as being exact. In fact there has been subsequent research which places the day of six billion nearer to 18 June or 19 June 1999. The International Programs division of the United States Census Bureau estimated that the world population reached six billion on 21 April 1999. United Nations Population Fund spokesman Omar Gharzeddine disputed the date of the Day of Six Billion by stating, “The U.N. marked the ‘6 billionth’ in 1999, and then a couple of years later the Population Division itself reassessed its calculations and said, actually, no, it was in 1998.”

On the Day of Six Billion, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan was in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina to monitor the Dayton Agreement. At midnight he went to Koševo Hospital, where Adnan Mević, born at 12.01 am, was named the symbolic 6 billionth concurrently alive person on Earth. He is the first son of Fatima Mevic and Jasminko Mevic and weighed 3.5 kg.

And yes … we have reached the seven billion mark as well :wink: That happened somewhere between 2011 and 2012. Those in charge of such things are having a big of a disagreement :smiley:


Have a great weekend gang!!! :heart::heart:


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I wondered why my morning commute was getting so crowded.

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LOL PD :wink:

extra text so it will post :roll_eyes:

Frustrating week for me to too, RKK. Glad it is almost over! :slight_smile:

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Starting this one off right…I grill more in the fall than the summer LOL

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So somehow we’ve misplaced a billion people. :scream: This makes my inability to keep track of where I put my iPhone seem a little less important.

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