Happy Friday ~ October 5, 2018

Busy day around here today! Just made breakfast for little Miss. She requested a Pop Tart and tea. Not too taxing :stuck_out_tongue:
Also getting ready to dig out my “dress shoes” LOL. I don’t think sneakers or slippers would be appropriate for the wedding tomorrow :smiley: They are in the closet somewhere … I know they are :wink:

I can’t believe my very first Niece is getting married!! Where did those 25 years go??? :scream:

Anyhooo … I hope you all have a super Friday!!


Have a great weekend gang!!! :heart:


Lots on the agenda for this weekend. Stuff I want to do, stuff I have to do . . .we’ll see how it will all shake out. First things first, wrap up a few hours worth of work, head to the chiropractor to get the back cracked, and take Mrs. Steve_O out for dinner before babysitting our grandson.

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I have nothing planned for this weekend! My wife is studying (10 hours a day) for some engineering test shes taking for a management position at her company (a fortune 500 oil, electric and gas company). She’s only 26, but because she’s the only female engineer in her department, she gets promoted quickly for some gender- equality quota thing. Not that she’s not good at her job, though.

I’ll just be chilling out :sunglasses:

How’s that standing desk working out for you so far?

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Very happy with it. Funny enough, I’m standing right now. I still sit more than stand; but, when the body tells me I need a new position, it’s nice to raise it up and working standing for 45 minutes or an hour. The biggest downside I’ve found is that, because I’m already standing, it’s that much easier to drift away from my desk.

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