Happy Friday the 13th!

Words of the Day:

Triskaidekaphobia - Fear of the number 13

Friggatriskaidekaphobia or Paraskevidekatriaphobia - Fear of Friday the 13th

Friggatriskaidekaphobia is the original extension of Triskaidekaphobia which originates from Frigg, the Norse Goddess for Friday.

Paraskevidekatriaphobia is the newer extension of Triskaidekaphobia. It originates from Paraskevi which is Greek for Friday.

There are some great articles out there on why some are so fearful of this day. And real things that happen because of those fears. For instance no floor or room 13 in many buildings, ships don’t launch on the 13th etc.

Christianity added to fears since many say the crucifixion took place on Friday the 13th, the Last Supper which had 13 members and the last of those betrayed Jesus and supposedly the Great Flood also happened on a Friday.

And of course Hollywood and their Horror genre has added greatly to the fear and anxiety some suffer.

If anything remotely bad happens on this day it just compounds with fears some already have. So much some can’t leave their house on this day.

With that said …

Have a great Friday everyone!!! :heart::heart:



Thanks Miss Kitty!
There’s a rumor floating about that hints at the possibility of Spring showing up this weekend. I hope it’s true. It’s waaaay overdue.

Happy Friday All! :sun_behind_small_cloud::sunny::tulip::seedling::cherry_blossom::sunny:

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Happy Friday the 13th!

updated my avatar for today.

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Happy Friday everyone :smiley:

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Would it be sad to say every day is Friday the 13th here?
At least it’s not a full moon!
Happy Friday!

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Fridays are almost always better than Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays.

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Right! No bubbling in my temporal arteries this weekend! Break out the spiced rum!

My practical favorite:

My actual favorite:

. . . although I’m sworn off it due to past incidents involving a particular side effect we might as well just call “time travel”.

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Hey, it’s pay day! That’s always good.

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that is always good. our monthly payday was the other day

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OMG, I make really GOOD cider.
I have a white cider and a red cider (the red is made with molasses instead of sugar.)
Gonna call em TUC white and TUC red.
As in numb from the Toes Up Cider.
Was all I could do to walk over to the living room couch after dinner.
They spec at 6.2-4% and they’re in pint size latch-top bottles. Not quite as fizzy as I’d like, but boy, they’ll do!


Awesome! Having never made Cider what is the base material?

TUC is a great name! Would make for a crazy awesome logo!

I’ve had my own wine label for about 10 years now called, CHEATER, made from the Amarone grape. Anywhere between 12% - 18% alcohol.



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I have a local supply of fresh-pressed, unsulphated apple cider. The stuff will ferment on its own if left out of the fridge, but I use an English cider yeast. A lot of people think that yeast tastes “beery” but all American Ciders are way too sweet for my taste.

Still noodling around with it to decide if I want to buy my own press. Trouble is the apples around here are too sweet, though last fall I did locate a source of Brandywine apples I could buy by the bushel. And I have a bunch of cider crabapple trees in the yard (just tell the fam “they look so preeetty in the spring!”) that might produce enough this year to add back some of the tannins without resorting to the stuff that comes in a bottle from the winemaking shop.

I have an old Concord grape vine out back too. Just for yucks I tried a wine from that. Picked up an all-purpose K1-v116 yeast. I didn’t use all the skins so it isn’t at all foxy and it’s a nice pink color, but it is a little too what you might call “wild” or maybe something a little less flattering. Very harsh on the first sip but nice and grapy. Certainly not something you’d take to a wine-tasting dinner. LOL. It only got to about 12%. Watered it down to much. Still learning.

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PD you are too funny … you recovered a bit now? :wink:

Boy, I’d love to try a sip … I would just make sure I was sitting down when I did :smiley:

When I was a kid — maybe 8 or 9 — my friend and I got a bunch of apples from the orchard in his parents backyard. There was an ancient, hand-cranked cider press in the barn behind the orchard, so we though we’d make apple juice with it.

It was pretty good at first, but as the days went on, it started to get a sharper taste to it. It still tasted pretty good, though, so we kept drinking the stuff.

After a few more days in the jugs in the barn, it started making us feel happy after we drank it. We drank quite a bit one day, and started to feel more than happy or funny — we felt sick. Walking around got sort of difficult, then we started throwing up.

We figured we had somehow poisoned ourselves, so we staggered into his parents house to get help. They ran out to the barn and found the cider. We had no idea that we had brewed up an alcoholic beverage and gotten drunk on the stuff. We also weren’t allowed to play in the barn after that. The whole incident sort of ruined my appetite for anything that tastes like apple juice.

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Oh you poor thing … It’s funny and so sweet though :wink:

Picturing you all feeling on top of the world because you had made delicious apple juice and still being so innocent that you had no idea what was to come :wink:

I bet your parents had a hard time keeping it together while still being a good parent :smiley:

Ya, tannin is key to me too. Not the kind you have to scrape off the back of your tongue, but close :slight_smile: Earthy texture too.

This fall I’ll give building Cider a shot … lots of orchards 'round these parts.


Friday 13th was our 25th Anniversary. We went for a walk by the sea, then a movie and a meal at a restaurant. It was a good day.

13 is my lucky number - always has been. I didn’t choose it, it chose me. Things like this keep happening.


Congratulations to you and Mrs. Monkey!

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That’s awesome SM!! Congratulations! :heart::heart::heart:

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