Happy Friday!

Sorry guys I’m a bit of a Space Case today been busy all week and I’m at the doctor’s with Joe right now getting ready for surgery next week.

I’m exhausted :sleepy::sleepy:

Have a great weekend!!!

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Had to look up what a Space Case was:

…and now I know :sunglasses:

I have no idea what I’m doing this weekend. For sure I’m going to split some 20" diameter 4’ long logs with my new log splitters … the steel 5lbs kind you drive them in with a sledge hammer. I’ve been practicing working my way up to split a 30" diameter maple log 12’ long I’ve been saving for years.

I have my trusty chainsaw standing by … :smiley:

Best wishes for J’s surgery and smooth recovery!


Thanks GD :slight_smile: I appreciate that :heart:

… and space case is an old term we use to use 'round here to mean we were losing grip on reality :wink:

I may need MHU by the time all my life sorts itself out … LOL :smiley:

Ah OK, gotcha … kinda like when I drank a 24 at my friend’s home beach party.

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LOL … sort of … but without the hangover :wink:

I think space case could be compared to today’s derp.

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