Happy Full Moon - Friday The 13th! 🌝 9/13/19

Happy Friday the 13th!!! and Happy Harvest Moon!

I’ll just be hiding over here …

LOL :wink:

We used to have some great times around here on Friday the 13th. We had Photoshop madness and Avatar montages :smiley: All but a couple were lost in a forum crash many moons ago.


Good times :heart:

Have A Great Weekend Gang!!! :heart:



The avatar and Photoshop shenanigans looks like it was a fun time.

It’s going to be a busy weekend for me. My time is pretty much accounted for from now until Monday morning. Oh well, at least it’s the weekend and I don’t have to answer my phone or check email.

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This will be the first weekend in a month or two that isn’t booked up with freelance jobs. I need to mow our lawn, but other than that, I might actually make a real weekend out of it.

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Love the Camping Trip! I couldn’t find myself because I was looking for a bunny but then I realised I was the golden Buddha Darth Maul. What an odd combination.

This day is a big day for Chinese around the world. The mid-Autumn Festival is the second biggest holiday after Chinese New Year. A day for gathering with family, feasting and eating mooncake.


Full Moon +Friday 13 seems to have made stopping at Stop Signs optional.
Almost got obliterated twice on the way home. I am not going out there again. Probably for the entire weekend. If anyone has a medical emergency, the amblance is comin here.


lolol :smiley:

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