Happy Grab Some Nuts Friday!

Yes … it’s true :smiley:

Grab Some Nuts Day


Date When Celebrated : Always August 3

Grab Some Nuts Day is today. One could call this a truly nutty day for several reasons.

First, let’s explore just what does “nuts” mean? Are we talking about nuts that you eat!? Most likely so. But, we also could be talking about the nuts that go with bolts. Or, perhaps this day is about some of our nutty friends. We’ve all got a few of those. Unfortunately, the creator of this special day is unknown, and he or she has not offered documentation on this special day.

As far as we have discovered, information is very sketchy and only resident on the internet. Internet websites have unanimously assumed that this special day is about nuts that we eat. So, let’s follow that theme and go grab a handful or two of nuts to eat and enjoy. This leaves us with yet another dilemma about today.

Grabbing a bunch of edible nuts poses yet another uncertainty. The problem here, is the definition of what is an edible nut. Most of us have heard over and over gain, that peanuts are not nuts, they are legumes. But, almost all of us will be amazed to know that technically walnuts, cashews, pistachios and almonds are not nuts either.Yet, all of us and the food industry refers them to as nuts. So, the whole concept of this special day is more than a little nutty when youstop and think about it…

Well, that is about it in the nutshell. Before you become a complete nut case, we suggest you don’t give it another thought. Rather, go out and have a great Grab Some Nuts Day .

So there you have it :smiley:

Not much going on here this weekend. Right now it’s raining … again :frowning:
It’s been raining a lot for nearly 3 weeks. Next week I might not be around too much. I am going to stay at my sisters to watch the little ones while she and the hubs go to North Carolina to visit my niece, her oldest daughter … I’m going to be a Great Auntie again :smiley: And my baby sister is trying to wrap her head around the fact she is going to be a Grammy :smiley: LOL … The family just keeps growing. I love it :smiley: This one will be hard on all of us though with her living so far away. She is coming up for a visit and we will throw her a shower around Thanksgiving. She is due in January. She will visit after she and baby are ok to travel.

Have A Great Weekend Gang!!!

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There’s one scenario missing in that description…best left unwritten.

Anyway, if I ever get to go home tonight, this weekend I’m gonna very much channel that picture you have there but more like sitting on the sand in front of the ocean.

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I honestly can’t remember the last time I had an opportunity to relax. There’s always pressure to do more — both at home and at work. When I try to relax, I start worrying about what’s not getting done, which results in me getting back to work.


Oh, those kind of nuts.

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If it makes you feel any better, I’m in the same boat. More from work than home. But, yeah, I could have stuff to do 24/7.

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Same here in a way. I just got back from a several week long trip up the west coast where relaxation was supposed to be the main goal, but it was tough to even relax then. I eventually let go of the things I had to do at work, but the trip itself was so unbelievably exhausting that I was ready to return to my every day life before the trip was through.

The nature and Mountains were nice and Portland was surprisingly fun (didn’t expect to like it much), but I look forward to the weekend

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When I saw the title of this thread, I immediately thought of men being sexually harassed. But most men would consider it seduction rather than harassment.

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I grab nuts every day … super healthy!

I was born relaxed … when the doc slapped my bottom … I gave her ‘that’ look … with a smile!

Happy weekend!!!

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This weekend I’m going to try and get a head start on holiday gifts. Since they’re easy, I’m making everyone a set of pillowcases, plus a painted stone. We always do a white elephant exchange with extended family, and I found what I’m going to give today…


lmao Kitch! That is a riot :smiley: :smiley:

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I also saw one where you put two AA batteries in a small bag and include a card that reads, “Gift not included.”

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Happy weekend! It’s work, work, work for me. Somewhere in there I have to find time to get groceries and take my daughter school supply shopping. This weekend I’m hoping to finish a calendar. It’s a weird little project that’s a trade of services with a friend. He hired a set designer to recreate scenes from Burt Reynolds movies, then he hired a photographer to take pictures of him dressed as Burt Reynolds in each of the scenes. Burt Reynolds quotes are inserted all over the place. I’m on July.

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OMG I love that! haha! :smiley: :smiley:

It sounds so fun! I would love to see that :smiley:

You have just solved my Christmas present giving for this year. Thanks!


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