🔥 Happy Heatwave Friday! 🔥

I’m not feeling so hot the past couple days…so not much to the Friday post I’m afraid :wink:

It’s going to be very hot here today and tomorrow they say. Heat warning all over the place and various outdoor activities have been cancelled around the region. :flushed:

So …

Have A Good Weekend & Stay Cool!


If it’s going to be hot in NY, then it’ll probably be blistering down here in MS. :sunny::sunny::sunny:

Have a great weekend!

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If I cocoon in my controlled-climate environment, not move a muscle, I just might survive.

– Your neighbour to the north (Toronto, but technically, yeah, still north)


Whew! Pretty warm out there today. Out in the garden, plenty of water and many breaks but a very nice day. Just enough cloudiness to take out the worst of it. Didn’t quite reach 100°. I’m ok with that.:sweat:

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Our old AC was struggling to keep up … it was pretty brutal out yesterday. Looks like it should be normal the rest of the coming week. Well, normal for this time of year. I can do warmth … but when it hits over 95 … I ain’t leavin’ the house lol :smiley:

It was toasty here, too. The only saving grace is that when it gets that hot, the humidity burns off. My wife and I were in need of a getaway, so we drove down to Nashville for the weekend. It was a fun time. Nashville seems like a happening city with a lot going on.

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It rained twice down here, so we were spared!

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Today it’s only 71° and rainy … I’ll take it! Near 100° for several days in a row is for the birds lol … I don’t know how folks in hot climates do it. I guess the same way we do it when they marvel at our cold temps lol :smiley:

Anyhoo… AC is off and windows are open. I prefer that to AC any day :slight_smile:

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