Happy Holiday! 🎆

If you are celebrating today … have a good one!

Be safe :heart:

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Some of us have to work tomorrow. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
But we’ll still probably go to the fireworks tonight here and Saturday in the next town over.
Happy Fourth!
And remember where it came from!

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Happy Independence Day from the UK (I speak for all of us, obviously). :us::uk:
If those guys putting the tea into Boston Harbour had got the water to the right temperature first, the whole harbour would have been the world’s biggest teapot and we could have all shared a brew. :coffee: :tada: Things could have been so different …


If those guys swam out to that ship in December…they made em hearty back then, I guess. Man, I cannot remember one day ever that I didn’t freeze anatomy going into the water at any beach around Boston at any time in the summer. Freakin’ COLD!

But ice tea works…

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Belated Happy Independance Day! I’ll have to post my July firth themed photos when I get back to work. Taking today off to tackle the honey-do list.

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