Happy Last Friday in August! 2018

Have a super weekend gang!!!

And for those that celebrate … have a safe and happy Labor Day

We have a family get together planned for end of summer on Sunday … let’s hope the weather holds out :wink:

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I have my first ever medical eye exam today!

  • intermittent eye pressure ranging from mild dull feeling to pretty bad. Happens a few times a year spanning the course of weeks to 2 or so months.

  • Dry eye feeling and redness each day at around 2:00pm. First time experiencing it for about a week now.

  • And blue lights look like blue smears. I can read blue print or blue text on a screen. I noticed this the first time about a year ago now. The clock on my stove uses blue lights and I can’t read it unless I squint or get really close. I was also walking down a street one evening and saw a building with a back-lit logo over the door. It just looked like a giant blob.

My eye-sight seems great, though. I feel like it’s even better than it should be in terms of reading/seeing things. I’ve diagnosed myself with glaucoma, but we’ll see what the doctors say today. So I’ll either have a nice weekend or a sad one. I imagine eyesight is pretty important in my field of work.

Either way, I hope you all have great ones!


Good luck with all that Obs :heart:

The internet can be a dangerous thing when one isn’t feeling well. Hang in there, and best wishes for good news.


Yeah! That was sort of a joke. The rate is really low for someone my age and demographic. It’s more likely to be some tropical brain eating amoeba.

I’m actually not worried at all. I can be sort of flippant about things like this. But maybe that’s the amoeba talking

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Okay everything’s good :eyes:



I now ware glasses when at working at the 'puter …sigh.

Here’s a graphic I did like a decade ago …or so.


…kinda says it all.

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Generally speaking I can’t stand unions. As summer employment back in the day the union I worked for … the USW … went on strike and f’d my entire summer!

Other than that … Happy Labor Day!


Screw it. There’s a boatload of work still to do, but I can’t take any more. I’m taking off for the day. Headed to the chiropractor for a tune up and then will hop in the kitchen and help my wife cook for some friends who are coming for dinner tonight.

Have a great on, everybody!

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I have a bushel-plus of grapes out on the back fence to be made into wine this weekend.
Hope it doesn’t rain. They’ll explode if it does.


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