Happy Last Friday in September! 2018

Time is flying soooo fast! My oldest niece is getting married next weekend and I am in the process of finishing alterations on the Mother of the Bride gown. Eeek! LOL Almost done though … whew!

My next oldest niece came up for a visit from NC. She is getting bigger with baby every single day. She looks and feels great and baby is doing awesome :heart: She is due to come up again for a shower in November and is due in January.

My third born niece drove 5 hours from Canton to see her sister and with any luck I will get to see later today.

My next to youngest niece is flying out with her Mom to Cali tomorrow morning for her adventure in Missionary Training.

I’m driving all three of them to the Airport in the morning. I’ll be bringing back baby niece for the weekend while Mom’s away and Dad’s working. Older brother wants to fend for himself :wink:

Still caring for the man and his arm wounds. But getting better … just a very slow process.

So how’s your Friday and weekend shaping up? :smiley: LOL

Whatever you do have a great one!

Happy Friday Gang!!! :heart::heart:


Pft. Ours was on last night. [/loser]

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Yeah, we play that game. But the wood stove doesn’t count. Right?
Actually haven’t fired that up either. Cleaned it last weekend and have some wood on order.

Usually our little cat tells us when it’s too cold. She’s 8 years old and only 6lbs of fluff, weirdly tiny cat. Anyway, when she’s all balled up in the corner of the couch with nothing but her pity-kitty eyes visible over her tail, it’s time.

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After a few problems with my iMac at home, last weekend I bit the bullet and did a complete rebuild. Copy everything off, wipe the HD, reinstall everything. It worked a treat and the old gal (vintage 2008) is running like a good’un.

This weekend I’ve scheduled some fun time so 12hrs+ of Ryzom will be a good way of ** cough ** testing the rebuild.

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The meme you posted is funny. Just this morning, my wife said we’d have to turn the heat on. I’m thinking it’s too early to tun the heat on, but I wouldn’t mind turning off the ceiling fan in our bedroom that’s been on since April.

Pretty excited about this weekend. Looks to be beautiful weather, and I don’t have to work!!!

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I walked outside this morning and it was 68 degrees and I only had a light dress shirt on. I made the brave decision to not run back inside and grab a sweater.

~~~~~~~~ WORK RELATED ~~~~~~~~~~~
The schedule at work has been crazy. Last Friday I planned out every minute of this week and next week for 4 different people. Every minute was accounted for- who should be working on what at what time.

Wednesday my boss gave us a job that he promised by next Wednesday. Sure it’s a week away, but the printing portion of the job alone is 42 hours of non-stop printing.

Some of it is work for people running for school board. I have no idea where they get the funds from to drop that kind of cash on campaign materials. I don’t even know what they get out of it
~~~~~~~~~~~~~xx ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

There are a lot of beer events this weekend, might go to one of those.


Now that my Halloween-enthusiast son has his own place, my wife has taken up the Director of Tacky Decor position, and I’m involuntarily on board to serve as free labor. I fear this will consume a fair bit of the weekend.

Despite that, I’m gonna try to find a couple Saturday afternoon hours to spend at the Bloomsburg Fair, seeking out the least nutritious sub-casual dining options available. Then, if the forecast holds up, Sunday will feature spiced rum and streaming NFL Sunday Ticket on the boat.


I actually grabbed a flannel today, but immediately realized I didn’t need it!

This weekend I’m doing some office upgrades, white boards, Amazon Alexa’s, “smart” things…

Though I might steal @Obsidian idea and seek out some Oktoberfest beers in the area

Happy Friday y’all!

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We typically start out with space heaters while subconsciously thinking it’s just a temporary cold snap. It used to be fun to finally be able to build a fire in our fireplace, but that’s no longer doable here most of the time due to local air pollution restrictions.

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Still wearing shorts with a warm hoodie tho! Got a roaring fire going in the fire place! Ice cold Moosehead beer flowing!

Love love this time of year!

Tourist will soon be coming by to take photos of all the fall colors on my estate … time to think up some new pranks.

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Shorts + pullover = my favorite temperature.

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This reminds me of Mrs. B. She wears shorts in the middle of the winter to walk our dog, then puts on a parka to keep warm. It makes no sense to me and looks silly besides. She walks the dog by herself on those days.

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