Happy Last Friday of 2018!

It’s been quite a year so far!! Looking forward to the New Year. Anyone have any plans?

Not much content this week … I’m exhausted lol :smiley: so …



btw … this old Kat is taking a couple weeks off from the Friday thread. If anyone else wants to chime in over the next couple weeks that’s fine. I’ll still be wandering the halls though :wink:

I’ll also be getting ready to head to North Carolina on the 8th for a few days to welcome my first Great Niece, Sophie into the world :heart: I have to finish up a baby quilt :baby::baby_bottle::ribbon:

Exciting times :heart:


2018 was a tough year on several fronts. I won’t be too sad so see it come to a close. I’ve been working on plans for 2019 – the year not the new year celebration – for a while. I had a good meeting with a business / executive coach yesterday which helped firm some things. So, all in all, I am looking forward to 2019.

No big plans for new year’s eve. Probably just a bottle of wine and a movie with my wife.

Kat, enjoy your time off, enjoy the new niece (very exciting), and enjoy North Carolina. It’s a lovely state.

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Thanks Steve :heart: I hope things improve for you. With all the sickness we have had this year … I think we more then met our quota of doc. appts and hospital visits with the mans health. I too am quite glad to be looking at the back end of this year. We got very lucky though so I still count my blessings … just really glad it’s over :wink:

I’m thinking a bottle of Moscato (since I can’t stand cheap champagne and can’t afford good champagne LOL) and a movie sounds good … and we usually watch the ball drop :slight_smile:

My only plan for 2019 is trying hard not to get fired. :slight_smile: Might mean being on here less often during the day.

I usually get a bottle of Asti Spumonti (I hate champagne) and a bunch of Chinese Food for New Years and stay up to watch the ball drop.

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Oh my … well I hope all starts going better for you too.

Hopefully 2019 will be more on the brighter side for all of us :heart:

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