Happy Last Friday of July!

I’ve been out and about since 6:45 am … getting the man ready for another surgery. Sorry for the delay :wink:

Have a great weekend Gang!!! :heart::heart:


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I foolishly read “happy last day July” and was terrified that I somehow missed more than half a week’s time.

“have I been taking my meds?” I thought. “Have I been taking too much?!”

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lmao Biggs :smiley:

Yesterday should have been Friday.
Today couldn’t feel more like a Monday ever.

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Every Friday this print company bites off more than we chew. Friday’s work becomes Saturday’s work. One last job will trickle over into Sunday.

Then Monday feels like Wednesday, And Once again I ask " did… I… take my meds?"

“but… did I REALLY take them?”

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Best wishes for the procedure and a speedy recovery.


Two logo proposals out the door on this fine Friday. There may be a beer on my desk before the end of the day. After all, there has to be some advantage to being self employed. Paying for your own health insurance isn’t one of them.

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RKK … smooth recovery … best wishes !

Today I picked up a fresh pair of kicks.

Dropped into my friend’s print shop and talked new biz card … AND … about buying his vintage wooden typeface! It’s in pristine condition. All uppercase sans serif huge point size about 110pt plus a numbers’ set that at least 3 times that size!!

Pitched a graphic tee design over to Alexander McQueen … my first!

Tonight I’m going work on a personal website project and sign-up to RedBubble as a store front.

Have an AWESOME weekend all y’all!!!

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Merci :heart: :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile: :heart:

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Happy weekend! Hope everything goes smoothly for you and J, RKK.

Woke up early this morning with Mr Buda and power-walked up our local mountain. It’s more of a hill really but it’s a dormant volcano. We were hoping to see the blood moon lunar eclipse. We saw it on the way up but when we got to the top it was too cloudy to see. At least it got us up and out of the house early on a Saturday. Came home and started working. I’ve been working for a hours now and it’s only 11am on a Saturday. Feels productive.

I took my nephew to Grant’s Farm today and it was a real cluster. Forty minutes waiting to get into the parking lot, then two hours in line for the tram, which was the only way in. By the time we got into the actual park, my nephew was begging to go back to Nana’s house. A slice of pizza helped, but we were both wiped out already. Saw a couple animals and headed for the exit. I did manage to get photos of the eagles and llamas.

Some bird of prey with his head on backwards…

And Chuck the Clydesdale …

When we got back to Nana’s, I told my nephew I was sorry it turned out to be a sucky day. He said, “That’s okay, Auntie Boo, but next time let’s just go to the park.” Smart kid.

It’s too bad Grant’s Farm is separate from the NPS-managed holding right down the street at Grant’s WhiteHaven house.

Aww Kitch :frowning: that’s too bad. I feel his pain … I would have been wanting to go home at that point too. I would have never made it past the parking lot fiasco.

Love the pics though :wink:

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