Happy "Late" First Friday In June! 6/1/18

Been on the go for a few days. Spring Cleaning is complete!!! My Niece was here to help or it couldn’t happen … that’s for sure :wink:

But, everything is as it should be :smiley: :smiley: LOL :wink:

(anyone know what movie that’s from)

Anyhoo… Have a wonderful rest of the day and have a super weekend … and it’s… NATIONAL DONUT DAY!!! Don’t forget to get your free donut


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Friday HEY it’s FRIDAY! … yay!

Going to grab me a dozen donuts … thanks Red!

Isn’t dust a patina that naturally occurs on things?


LOL … actually we didn’t dust anything … that’s a routine thing anyway :wink:

We tore apart the closets and the basement and threw out all the crap that I keep saving for apparently no reason :wink: I am quite sure however that I have throw out something I will now need after years of not needing it. But, that’s my luck with Murphy’s law :smiley:

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I ate soooo many donuts on donut day! Nutella, maple bacon, lime coconut, boston creme, cookies n cream and lemon meringue. I shared these but tasted every single one.

It’s officially the start of winter here in the upside down. I’ve been hibernating in celebration :smiley:


You don’t have to lie about sharing. It’s okay, this is a safe place. :wink:

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Well, I didn’t say how much was shared :wink:


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