Happy March Friday!

It’s March 2nd and this is what it looked like yesterday.

This is this morning LOL :smiley:

It’s supposed to snow for about 24 hours and give us in excess of 2 feet. We probably won’t see that much down here in the lower areas … but it’s adding up fast … We are sooooo ready for Spring :wink:

On that note I hope everyone has an awesome weekend … relax, rejuvenate and have fun!!!

Here is a little blast from the past to give you a giggle :wink:

They never learned :wink:

We had another member want us to “fix” his shiny forehead. This is what ensued. I should say this is what I could salvage of what ensued :wink:

The shine was blurred … cut out … filled in … given a bandaid … bandaid turned into a bacon bandaid. So then given a BLT on his forehead. This prompted the Hoff appearing in hopes of bacon and since the Hoff was here Pammy had to make the scene … well you get the idea :wink:



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Ah the good old days!

No snow here. Just a little rain. Well, maybe A LOT of rain, all going sideways.

Happy Friday!

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It’s going to be sunny and 65 in Kansas City tomorrow!

Then probably back to the 30’s next week…

March is such a tease.

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Wow, RKK. I don’t envy you. Looks like we’re in for a weekend of mid 70’s, clear and sunny skies.

The university where I work has won the conference championship in men’s basketball. Our last home game is Saturday night so I plan to go with my son. I designed the court and arena graphics so seeing good basketball from our team is extra special.

Happy Friday!

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It’s still snowing lol … buried is the word that comes to mind :wink: The higher elevations have almost 3 feet of snow … yikes!

It’s snowing here in Jersey, but no accumulation. It’s more the 65MPH winds causing issues. And in the morning i’m sure we’ll all be iced over. Occasionally, here in NJ, we’ll get these ice golems that form and animate from the pollution, they ravage the city briefly before melting - it’s such a nuisance.

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