Happy Monkey Day Friday! 12/14/18

December 14 is Monkey Day.

Monkey Day celebrates monkeys and “all things simian”, including other non-human primates such as apes, tarsiers, lemurs, chimpanzees, and gibbons.

This is a day to raise awareness and learn more about these wonderful, intelligent creatures. Hallmark once said "It’s a day when monkey business is actually encouraged.

Did You Know…

  • The first primate in space was a rhesus macaque named Albert. On June 14, 1949, Albert was sent into space to test the effects of space travel on a body. While he survived the flight, he died when the rocket parachute failed.

  • The origins of the word “monkey” are unclear. It appears also to be related to manikin, from the Dutch manneken (“little man”). It could also be derived from the name of a popular medieval beast story in which the son of an ape is named “Moneke.”

  • The smallest monkey in the world is the pygmy marmoset, with a body as little as 5 inches (12 cm) and a tail length of about 7 inches (17 cm). As a comparison, they are about the size of a hamster, can fit in the palm of a human hand, and they weigh the same as a pack of cards.

  • The largest monkey in the world is the male mandrill. It is almost 1 meter (3.3 feet) long and weighs about 35 kilograms (77 pounds).

  • An abandoned medical research facility called the New York Blood Center used wild chimpanzees in its vaccination research in the 1970s. When the research facility shut down in 2005, the 66 remaining chimps were set free on a small land mass soon dubbed “Monkey Island.”

  • While Apes and Spider Monkeys swing arm to arm in trees, the rest don’t. They run across the branches.

  • A group of monkeys is variously called a troop, barrel, carload, cartload, mission or tribe.


Have A Great Weekend Gang!!!

Nothing much going on here other than crafting galore to get myself prepared for the holiday. I need to get all my candy goodies made as well. Unfortunately the back is not working so well the past couple days… of course :wink: I think I threw it out picking up a kleenex :roll_eyes:

Always somethin’ :smiley:


I’ve been off work a lot this week trying to use up some extra vacation time. I managed to get all my Christmas shopping finished and made some pretty good headway on getting a couple walls prepped for paint where we took down old wallpaper.

Not much going on this weekend. I’ll probably try to get a few things done outside since it’ll be a bit warmer. I still need clean up the remains of my garden and stow away the tomato cages and such.

I hope your back gets to feeling better soon, Kitty. I think my most humbling “I must be getting old” back injury moment was a sneeze that put my back out.

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Oh man I, tell ya … it’s just simple things that throw it out and I try to be sooooo careful. Ah well at least the majority of Christmas stuff is done. Just finishing up projects and making a few recipes. All shopping is done. Started that a couple months ago lolol and I love online shopping :wink:
and …

you should post pics of your before and after transformations :slight_smile:

If anyone is old enough to remember the ads at the back of magazines like Creepy or Eerie, those were the monkeys you could buy for $3. Mom never let me order one. :frowning:

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I never heard of those :smiley: … but I always wanted these :smiley:

I was never allowed to have them either … however I hear now they were just teeny, tiny shrimp lol :smiley:

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Ahhh, here’s something I know something about. :smile: In a roundabout way, we have a client involved in regulating the harvest of these beasts. We had nothing to do with that sea monkey ad, though. :wink:

They’re brine shrimp larvae. Millions of pounds of brine shrimp eggs (called cysts) are harvested from the Great Salt Lake during the fall and winter months. Big clouds of the cysts form on the surface of the lake and are scooped up, dried and sold. Place them in water and they hatch into shrimp larvae called naupli used as fish food in aquaculture operations. A very tiny part of those cysts are sold to companies who sell them as sea monkeys.

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Now that’s some good info … I had no idea!! :smiley:

I reallyyyy wish they had a different name though … cyst is as bad a moist in my book lmao :smiley:

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Oh, this is why I never got one. I had to ASK mom for $18.95. That was a lot of money back then.

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Anyone remember these guys?

I gotta admit, I saw this quite a few years after in reruns. They probably couldn’t put
EK on TV these days…

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That would have been quite a deal. This website says they’re selling for $4,000 to $8,000 today. I wonder how they’re delivered. I doubt the FedEx guy would just leave them in a box on the porch.

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Wow! A monkey, a cage, a leather collar and leash, toy, instruction book, and shipping all for $18.95!

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It was a killer week. Brain is fried. Chilling with some egg nog. Be good.

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Could you imagine the reaction of all those people stealing deliveries from front porches upon opening that Amazon box. Picture dude driving up the road thinking he scored and opening the box in his vehicle and the little M’Fer goes APE SHIT (can I say that)on the dude/dudette.

What - wait, What ?? I missed Monkey Day ? :face_with_hand_over_mouth::flushed::crazy_face:

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LOL … it would appear so :wink:

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