Happy National Avocado Day! 🥑

:avocado: In breaking Avocado news, Scientists have unveiled a new avocado variety known as the “Luna”.

:avocado: It can be grown on a smaller tree and easier to harvest than the dominant Hass breed.

:avocado: This alternative should make supplies of the fruit more plentiful.

:avocado: Plus, the fruit has very good storage quality, and it ripens very well. The rind turns black when ripe.

:avocado: They do say there are slight differences in taste and texture.

Here are a couple recipes if you feel so inclined :wink:

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The local sandwich place people always look at me weird when I ask for Guac on their made-to-order Bacon, Egg and Cheese sandwich. Hey, it’s a treat and almost lunchtime so I can do that, right?


Absolutely! That sounds delish! :slightly_smiling_face:

Enjoy this day while it last because there’s a very small window and then it will be totally rotten.

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My wife loves them, but sadly, avocados seem almost inedible to me — right up there with eggplants, artichokes, and brussel sprouts.

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@Just-B plain avocado is overrated. I’ll eat it, but it’s pretty boring. Guacamole however is amazing, especially when made fresh.

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I don’t eat straight up plain avocado, but sliced on a sandwich (especially a BLT + avocado, or BLAT as my wife calls them), tossed in a salad or turned into guacamole … yes, please.

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That’s what people tell me. However, it doesn’t work for me.

I love broccoli and could never understand why so many others refused to eat it until I read how researchers discovered a bitter chemical in broccoli that some people, such as me, can’t taste.

I suspect we all taste many foods differently. Otherwise, I could not explain how anyone could enjoy eating anything made with avocados.

We have friends who live on an avocado farm in California. The avocado trees are beautiful — especially when the avocados are growing. They send us a box of their best, hand-selected avocados each year. My wife says they’re delicious. Thankfully, I’ve never had the audacity to tell them the fruit tastes like rancid grease to me.

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I get it. My brother’s first wife could not stand cilantro because to her it tasted like soap. Which is apparently a fairly common issue with quite a few people.

Cilantro tastes like soap to my son’s girlfriend, too.

Glad that’s not me. I love cilantro.

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Avocado has always just tasted like “meh” to me. More texture than anything else. Slightly firm, mostly mushy, flavorless green grease-paste. As a result, I never understood the whole avocado toast thing, or the guacamole thing. It all just tastes like… nothing, or nearly nothing.

Cilantro on the other hand is tolerable, but not preferred. A sort of “kinda gotta be in the mood for it” sort of flavor.

I also cannot stand fresh tomatoes. Source does not matter. They all taste like mushy rotten nastyness. I am the only person in my family, from grandparents, cousins, sibling and parents to dislike tomatoes.

Oddly though, I can eat a tomatoe on a burger, or cooked in a soup.

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I’ve never eaten Avocado in my life, never even saw it IRL. I remember once tasting guacamole dip as it came with my order of nachos and I kinda fell in love with it lol.

So, I’ll definitely be saving that guacamole recipe for when I get that 3am bout of sudden motivation to cook my heart out

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I’m one of those Cilantro people. My first experience ever having it is when my Brother-in-law made his native Moroccan soup. It smelled divine. I took a big bite and was like … ewwwwww… I could barely swallow. I tried to show happiness on my face. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. But, I just knew the kids didn’t rinse the dishes well because all I tasted was dish soap. I slipped away, dumped it and rinsed the bowl well, got more soup and it had the same flavor. I asked him what was in the soup and Cilantro is the only thing I never had before. He still had a fresh bunch in the fridge so I took a leaf and ate it … yep … spit it right out LOL :grin:

I never knew I didn’t like Cilantro for 40 some odd years. But, it was nothing my family ever cooked with.

So, people being people love to point it out when eat guac or salsa “That has Cilantro in it you know!” I have to reply … yep… I know, but whatever the combination of ingredients is … it masks the soap flavor. Also, I have found that I can consume Coriander just fine (the Cilantro seed). And yes, I know some people call Cilantro, Coriander. :wink:

Had you ever tasted something flavored with coriander? They’re the seeds from the cilantro plant; to me, they taste like dishwashing liquid when eaten by themselves.

I think somewhere along the line, people in the U.S. adopted the Spanish word for coriander — cilantro — to differentiate between the leaves and seeds of the plant.

Several years ago, I ran across a recipe from Algeria (just east of Morroco) that called for ground coriander seeds. The recipe sounded good, so I headed to the store to buy the ingredients. I remember the taste was soapy and not something I ever wanted to make again. A few years later, I ordered Mexican food at a restaurant, and that same soapy taste was there from something I hadn’t eaten before — Cilantro.

I really don’t know if I ever had anything Cilantro plant related up until that point. If it was in salsa or guac … probably, but if so it didn’t bother me. But those leaves … eww … I just can’t. And I see people gobbling down handfuls of it and I just don’t understand. My brain can’t compute since it tastes so bad to me. :flushed:

Pine nuts is another food that a lot of people have a biological aversion to. I can’t stand them. It’s like licking metal or drinking Robitussen cough syrup.

Avocados are like apples. There are big differences between the varieties. I hate Fuerte, Zucano, Bacon, and Reed. I love Haas, but you have to time it just right. You can tell it’s ripe when it starts to give a little when you press, but then you’ve only got a day or day and a half before the inside starts to turn black and mushy. And if you cut it too early, it lacks taste and the creamy texture… you kind of have to gnaw on it a little, and at that point it’s better to trash it.

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I take it that cilantro is the Mac of vegetable?

@mojo odd, Ive never heard of pine nuts tasting so different to some people. I love pine nuts.

“Imagine taking 50 pennies and placing them in your mouth.”

That’s a much better description than mine.

I really enjoy eating pine nuts straight out of the bag but then there is a pine nut’s higher calling … pesto!