Happy National Pie Day! 🥧

That’s too bad :frowning: I’m sure you know there are great recipes out there for one … but as far as a premade in the store hope is on the horizon. I see more and more vegan options for everything becoming available. :slight_smile: I did see one grocery delivery place has one … but at nearly 15 bucks a pie … I’d sooner make it :stuck_out_tongue:

Yay!!! … keep me posted. I can’t wait to hear the results :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I can’t figure out what isn’t vegan about a pumpkin pie.
Crust is just vegetable shortening, flour, a dash of salt and water.
Filling is 1 boiled sugar pumpkin skinned and smashed, some molasses, spices, a thickening agent (I use corn starch) and you could replace the milk with the liquid product of your choice. If you boil your own pumpkin, you don’t need all that much more liquid anyway. Oh, right, there’s an egg and butter in there too, but a bake-able thickening agent would do the job to get it to set.

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