Happy No Pants Friday! 😜

It is unclear when No Pants Day began and who started it. There are accounts that suggest that the first No Pants Day occurred in 1985 or 1986, while other accounts credit the Austin, Texas-based humor organization, the Knighthood of BUH, for starting the day.

No Pants Day is sometimes confused with No Pants Subway Ride Day, which is held in the month of January. The first No Pants Subway Ride Day was held in New York City in 2002 with only 7 riders who went on the New York City Subway without their pants. The event was organized by Improv Everywhere, a humor organization. Since then the Day has been celebrated in many different cities around the world. Improv Everywhere announces the date for the No Pants Subway Ride Day a month in advance.

How to Celebrate?

  • Spend the day wearing no pants.
  • Appear in public without your pants on. If you are uncomfortable going out without your pants on, what about wearing a skirt, dress or a kilt?

Did You Know…

…that the word pants is derived from the term pantaloons, which in turn comes from pantaloun, an Italian term used to describe a man who wears tight trousers? Pantaloun in turn came from the name of San Pantaleone, a Christian saint, who survived 6 execution attempts. San Pantaleone meant all lion and later the term came to be used to refer to a foolishly brave person represented in comedy as someone wearing tight trousers.


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I always check to make sure I have pants on when I leave in the morning.
Especially in winter, when long underwear feels like you’re wearing pants.
Kilts not allowed. Against OSHA regs. Which is a good thing IMO. Kilts + Ladders = :face_vomiting:


No pants Friday, huh? I could do that. Then again, I work from home.

I have a busy day today, and it’s going to be a busy weekend. Need to figure out how to build in some down time. I’m looking forward to next weekend.

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I’m pantless under my trousers. :wink:

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It’s easy to go pants-less in the UK.
AKA “commando.”

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I’m officially pantless today.

I haven’t gotten out of my nightgown all day LOL :smiley:

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