Happy Sicky-Poo Friday

I can finally pick my head up today :wink:

I had one of those weird 24 hr. bug things. I really don’t know what it was. If I even attempt to google symptoms I’m either ok or dying of some atrocious disease :smiley: Nearest thing I can find is that 24 hour flu. But it wasn’t that. This was a sudden onset of cold chills. I felt like I was outside without a coat on. The chills were so intense my neck and back are still sore. It was major spasms. I had two blankets, a comforter and a heavy afghan over me. No sign of fever though. I figured I was getting really sick, so I took some Nyquil and finally after a couple hours of shivering I fell asleep. I woke up many hours later with a 101.1 fever. But, I wasn’t shivering anymore :wink: I took some Tylenol and more NyQuil and fell back asleep and woke up this morning feeling nearly 100 percent better. No sign of fever. I managed a cup of tea and shower and feel so much better. Needless to say Valentine’s Day was a bust. I had planned to make a nice dinner. I slept for nearly 20 hours. Oy! :smiley:

Anyway …

Have a great weekend gang!

I need this weekend . . . bad. Clients put me through the wringer this week. I’ll probably have to work over the weekend to catch up, but at least I won’t have to answer the phone or email.

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I’m glad you’re feeling better, RKK. We’ve had quite a few people miss work over the past month with symptoms similar to yours, so something must be going around. I’ve been lucky this year — no colds, no flu, no sore throats all winter (so far). Then again, we don’t have little kids around who, as cute as they might be, are walking germ incubators.

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