Happy Spring!

I think we lucked out … no sign of the 4th Nor’Easter up here. Hopefully that remains true tomorrow :wink:

That gave me a Business Idea - Snowplow attachment for Lawnmowers. I’m gonna be rich banana

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You know, A self propelled lawnmower with a plow-like attachment… is… not a bad idea…

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Yeah, they make those. And you can even sit down while using it.04%20PM


yeah our biggest snowfall this “winter” came in the Spring.


Same. More snow than we’ve gotten all winter…

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It’s autumn here in New Zealand and it’s rather delicious.

I rather have this one!


All neighborhood pets beware!

yeah, but those things, it’s a PITA to drop the mower deck and connect all the belts to make that work. And vice versa in the spring. Unless you have someone to do it for you.
I want one just to throw all may neighbor’s snow back in his own yard. Some people don’t know the meaning of respect.

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