Happy Star Wars Day! 👽 2020

Hope you are all having an awesome Monday … Hunkering down … doin’ whatcha do :smiley:

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Tho doeth that mean all ethes are lithped?

(that wath hard to type!)

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I have a bad feeling that may come across as non-PC. Didn’t mean it. Remove if you concur.

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LOL … I was giggling trying to say it out loud :wink:

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Alright, I have tried to figure this out. Perhaps I am not a big enough fan of the SW franchise to get it. What is this supposed to say?

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Thanks Steve. Maybe now I can stop feeling like I might be the only one in America who didn’t adopt Star Wars as a religion. I found the first movie interesting mostly because of the new ground it seemed to break, but all the rest of it was just so forgettable.

May the 4th
May the Force.
I just lisped the ethes.
Not into it really. I was the perfect age when the first movie came out, just young enough to dig the effects and movie as a whole, and just old enough not to fall into the hype. The second one meh. The third one ended it for me. All the rest are what I consider throw-aways. I saw a part of one with a young boy darth vader (can’t remember his real name) in a land speeder race, almost frame for frame it was total rip off of the chariot race in Charlton Heston’s Ben Hur. (It also had Jar Jar Binks in it which just proved it was the end of a good thing.)

Talk like Yoda Day is kinda fun tho.

Those days, missing I do.


I’ve only seen the first movie and part of the second many years ago :wink:

I do love baby Yoda though :heart:

i would tell beggars years ago:
Ah, spare change you seek? none I have!

I’ll still sometimes say, “These are not the droids you seek.”
Especially if someone is looking for “volunteers” at work.

when things get done quicker than expected, i always say “well, they doubled their efforts” (from episode 1984)
my brother always uses a jedi gesture with his hands to open those automatic store entrance doors.

Kinda like this kid:

Holy crap, that ad is 9 years old already???

Talk like Yoda by putting the verb at the end of the sentence, which is how sentences are structured in German anyway (mostly). Has anyone seen how Yoda talks in German? I have looked for Star Wars dubbed into German but so far no luck…

the cartoon i drew is much older

And Star Wars just celebrated it’s 43 birthday. Now that’s old.
(hey, wait a minute…)

Damn, I feel like I’m 100 y.o.

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