Happy Star Wars Day 2023

May the Fourth be with you !


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The highway overhead signs on the way to work this morning had all sorts of cryptic Star Wars messages. Now I know why, LOL!

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… but beware the Revenge of the Fifth!

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Forget the fifth … beware of the sixth. With Cinco de Mayo falling on a Friday, more than a little tequila will be consumed.

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Sigh … I swore off tequila ages ago after I made a mess of myself, having imbibed far to many of the stuff. I won’t decline a whisky though.

Oh, we’re not the only ones with that story, I assure you.

Chapter 2 of mine is a love of dark and spiced rums. This stuff:
…has induced profound episodes of time travel enough times that I was forced (by others) to swear off it as well. Those “others” won’t be around forever, however, and I hope to reunite with my black mistress someday. :grinning:

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Double sigh … Rum is also on my black list. Three items on my list: Tequila, Rum, and Liqueur. Obviously I’ve made an epic mess of myself more than once.

Honestly, I was speaking somewhat tongue-in-cheek. While I enjoy spirits and cocktails (and wine and beer), I really don’t enjoy drinking so much as to have consequences the next day. But I will definitely enjoy a few margaritas tomorrow night.

I don’t know rums all that well, but it’s something I’d like to learn more about. It would be great to have the bar stocked well enough on different rums to accommodate a variety of Tiki-culture-inspired drinks.

Mead mixed with Amaretto is my favourite tipple. The taste of almonds with honey is a good combination.