Happy Thanksgiving! ♥ 🦃

Have a wonderful day to all of those celebrating!!!

We will be heading out in the morning with sister #2 and her gang, to sister #1’s home. I’ve made Sausage and cranberry stuffing, the usual green bean casserole, stuffed celery for pre noshing and cheesecake dip for after for those not up for a big slice of punkin’ pie :smiley: Sister #1 is doing turkey, gravy, taters and sister #2 is doing cranberry orange relish and pies. We are all gonna be stuffed :smiley:

What’s on everyone’s menu for tomorrow

FYI . No Friday post this week. I’ll be recuperating :smiley:

Here are a few funnies to hold you over :wink:


Happy Thanksgiving everyone :smiley:

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Thanks guys.

I live north of you, so we had that last month. But I appreciate your thoughts.

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Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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We woke up this morning to about four inches of snow on the ground and it’s still coming down. It’s not a good day to be driving, but…

Even so, happy Thanksgiving to everyone — even to our good neighbors to the north, @Eriskay. :wink:

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We’re home and stuffed lol :smiley:

Ride was great … no snow :smiley:

Belated Happy Thanksgiving! We had a good day with the entire family. Traditional meal, games, etc. I worked out for an hour Wednesday night, 30 minutes Thursday morning, and 30 minutes Thursday night. Still a little apprehensive to get on the scale this morning.

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