Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃

To all those who celebrate …

Have a safe and wonderful holiday :beers:




Thanks Happygiving :slight_smile:

Sometimes I’m Funny.

We had our Thanksgiving last month in Canada, thank you very much.

But Happy Thanksgiving to our friends down south. Hope it is not as chaotic and boring as ours.

Happy Thanksgiving to my GDF family.

Boring at our house. But I am doing a lot of scratch cooking cuz I enjoy it. :slight_smile:

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, guys :heart: :pray:
Be happy, it’s the key to everything else :sunrise_over_mountains:

I’ll take “Be rich” (I’ll even take “Be comfortable”). I know money can’t buy everything, but it certainly can rent it, if only just for a short while.

Nothing is more important than love. You can buy everything but love and health. But the second word comes from the first one :heart::sparkles::slight_smile:

Hi Anastasiya,
You are true in your thoughts and emotions. Love is the essence of life and health is wealth. Money has significance but it is inferior to health.
Happy cooking.

Best times,


Happy belated thanksgiving.

Honestly, I’m a little glad to be back at work this morning. Between the usual holiday things, the usual weekend things, the (hopefully) final yard clean-up and mow of the year, my sister and her family being in town, and taking advantage of a long weekend to knock off as much of the honey-do list as possible . . . I was busy from the time I took off work Wednesday afternoon up until about 8:00 last night. Right now, we don’t have anything scheduled for next weekend, and I’ve requested it stay that way. I’m in need of a little time to veg out and chill. Sorry to complain; I really shouldn’t. We got a lot done, got to hang out with family a lot, and the yard looks fantastic. I’m just in need of some down time. Next weekend.

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There’s nothing wrong with taking a much needed break :heart:

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