Happy Thanksgiving!

To all those celebrating… have a wonderful, safe and delicious turkey day! :heart::heart:


My cornbread just came out of the oven and dressing is going in next :wink:

That’s my contribution to the feast tomorrow :smiley:


Tonight I’ll begin prep work on our menu: a 25 lb turkey, stuffed, with gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, asparagus, green beans with onions, baby carrots, and cranberry sauce. By the time I get to eat, it is typically a small plate of dark meat and stuffing with gravy at near room temperature, standing at the kitchen island, celebrating the completion of dinner service with a stiff spiced rum and vanilla coke. For dessert, the others will enjoy cakes and pies prepared by the lovely master baker I married while I indulge in a second cocktail and as much football as I can take in before the inevitable and involuntary snooze sets in, accompanied by ridicule from the children. If you’re worried that I didn’t get any vegetables, rest assured I will have plenty of corn, carrots, and green beans during the cleanup. Friday’s gonna be hard.

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Sounds ok to me. When I had a bigger place I used to have the entire crew in for holidays. Now I’m old and live in a tiny apt. I go out to their houses now :wink: I still bring stuff… but I do not in any way miss having to prepare a huge meal for 20 people on my own :slight_smile:

I will say that crowd size has dwindled and folks have moved away or left us, so no one is suffering in silence as I once did … It’s a cross I had to bear …

and loved every minute of it :wink: Well … almost :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, it’s a unique mixture of stress and joy. Actually, I don’t mind the cooking nearly as much as making the house “ready,” which seems a much deeper subject in my wife’s world than it would ever be in mine. I seem to have the soul of a restaurateur, so once I’m settled down to just the cooking, I’m pretty comfortable in it.

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I too would much rather cook than clean :wink:

It won’t seem like Thanksgiving to me until I can walk away from my desk and not think about work again until Monday morning.

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Another funny for y’all :smiley:

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That ^^^ is why dishwashing machines were invented.
I was soooo glad when I got old enough to be allowed to pass out from turkey coma with the rest of the men on the living room floor, rather than help with the dishes in Grandma’s kitchen. No dishwasher. I’m sure half of us were faking, to avoid that duty.

Just making the bread now so I can concentrate on pies in the morning. I finally learned to make a really good pie crust from scratch, but it does take a bit longer.

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This is the first year in probably 6years we are leaving the house. We will be heading over to my son’s wife’s parents this year for the bird my boy is preparing…Be safe all !! RKK wear your long johns…:snowman_with_snow::snowman_with_snow: to quote my dad “gonna be colder than a witches &^&*%&”

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Cornbread is a huge win in my book. Add hot peppers to that cornbread and i’m sold indefinitely.
Now, Define… ‘Dressing’

Are we talkin’ stuffing? Because that’s a double win.

As a Citizen of New Jersey, we go out into the pine barrens, wait for the New Yorkers to come out and attempt to hunt turkey, then, we hunt the New Yorkers. And/or dress in the likeliness of Robinhood, 14th century marauders, or Viking Pillagers (your choice) and loot said New Yorkers.

Tis the season.

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Warmest Wishes for a Wonderful Holiday!
Happy thanksgiving!

Card designed by Moon Gold!

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Amen to that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

After the cooking, you can eat - after the cleaning you just get the place messy again. Happy Thanksgiving to all from the other side of the Atlantic :turkey::sweet_potato::corn::football::us:

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Apple Sage stuffing/dressing. It’s all the same to me … no telling which word will come out of my mouth when describing it :smiley:

This has been an unusual Thanksgiving for me. We drove to the Salton Sea in S. California — over 200 feet below sea level. No Thanksgiving meal, but that’s OK.

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