Happy Valentine's Day! ❤

Have a super day y’all!!! :heart:



My wife and I were, quite literally, just talking about going out for lunch. I think we’ll be heading out for tacos.

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We are being really fancy here … burgers for lunch and crab legs for dinner :smiley:

I made brownies and threw in some red and white M&M’s … that counts right?

We’ve both been sick and pretty much forgot it was Valentine’s day LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

We were sort of laughing that we both made it through the pandemic and neither of us got sick. His sister came to spend a couple nights while looking for a new apartment and blamo … both sick. He was so sick he ended up in the ER for several hours getting nebulizer treatments. Turns out … not covid, not the flu and not a regular cold. It’s an unknown respiratory virus compounded by his COPD. Whatever it is … it stinks. We’ve been doing a lot of sleeping and drinking Alka Seltzer and a hit of Nyquil here and there :stuck_out_tongue:

We are both finally feeling a little more human today. We are attempting a load of laundry! Woo Hoo!! :rofl:




That’s no good. I hope you’re both on the mend at this point.

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I was thinking you weren’t around as much as usual. I’m sorry you were both sick, but I’m happy you’re feeling better.

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Thanks guys :heart:

It’s one of those sickies that move around. Now it’s all in my head … literally lol :wink:

I keep opening up all the windows while the weather is nice. I keep hoping that this old place will air out and germs will vacate :wink:

The one thing it does well is zap your energy. We did manage to get that laundry done … but it didn’t get folded until today.



Aww take care! I also got sick recently and was able to keep it down with a lot of early fluids and rest but yes the energy drain is so real! :weary:

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