Happy Valentine's Day

Is it a Hallmark holiday? Sure.

Is it weird to wish someone that’s not your spouse or significant other Happy Valentine’s Day? Yeah, probably.

But what the heck. Happy Valentine’s Day GDF!

Keep it real my graphic sisters and brothers.

My wife and I went out for lunch, and we have some steaks to grill on this unseasonably warm, 60 degree day. Other than that, we won’t do much, just hang out and have a glass of wine or two.


Mrs Just-B and I have a wedding anniversary coming up within the next week, so that and Valentine’s Day get sort of blurred together.


I hope everyone had a good day yesterday. Happy early anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Just B :slight_smile:

Valentine’s day was yesterday?
Uh oh…


lmao PD :smiley:

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