Happy Winters Solstice Friday! 12/21/18

Also known as the First Day of Winter, the Winter Solstice for the northern hemisphere arrives shortly after 5:23 p.m. Eastern Standard Time today, Friday, Dec. 21st. It will be the shortest day and longest night of the year, based on the hours, minutes and seconds of sunlight and darkness.

The winter solstice is an astronomical event, based on the Earth’s tilt away from the sun. It occurs when the tilt of the North Pole is positioned the farthest away from the sun, causing less light to reach the northern hemisphere.

The winter and summer solstices, and the vernal and autumnal equinoxes, are the extreme points in each of these seasons. In winter, the Earth tilts away from the sun causes sunlight to be spread out over a larger surface area than in summer. It also causes the sun to rise later and set earlier, giving us fewer hours of sunlight and colder temperatures.

The winter solstice is celebrated in many cultures with festivals, pagan events and other gatherings in different parts of the world. One of the most well-known celebrations takes place Stonehenge. Folks gather from all around to watch the sunrise.


If you’re into scary and odd things, you can take a trip to Austria, where folks dress up like Krampus. He is the "half-demon, half-goat counterpart to Santa Claus. The creature has a furry body, pointy, elf-like ears and long horns sprouting from its head. He punished the naughty children. :wink:


In Japan, folks soak in hot baths with citrus fruit to welcome the winter solstice and protect their bodies from the common cold. Some Australians take a naked dip into the ice cold Derwent River And long before the arrival of Christianity, the winter solstice was celebrated by Celtic priests, known as the Druids.

I’ll be celebrating by finishing Christmas projects and goodies LOL :smiley:
On another note it’s 50° and raining. Hard to think of it as Winter :wink:

We will be celebrating our big family Christmas on Sunday. :heart:

Have a great rest of the day and have a wonderful weekend!

The best thing about Yule is from now until June the days get LONGER!
I try to keep that in mind in the middle of deep dark cold February; the longest shortest month of the year.

I get a chuckle about all those people out at Stonehenge. The rising sun has precessed a bit since the circle was built. The alignment is off.

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And happy summer solstice to those of you south of the equator. :globe_with_meridians: :sunny:

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Photo 1: Standard Winter. Water included.

Photo 2: People attempting to teleport to another realm in the likeness of the Highlander series.

Photo3: NJ devil steals children (he loves 'em!) - This is quite commonplace in NJ, the beast has been in and out of the correction system. His lawyer is remarkable, and he gets quite a bit of slack considering his rough upbringing.

Photo 4: Smokey from the Cars movies, with Christmas items.

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Definitely looking forward to the days getting longer.

After an early cold snap, we have some pretty mild temperatures cued up for a bit.

I actually don’t mind the cold weather up until January 2. After that, bring on spring! January, February, and March seem like really long months – especially if you enjoy outdoor activities.

Random thoughts for the Friday thread two days late.

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Happy belated winter solstice gdfers! Thought I’d pop in and say hello, it’s been a while. Hope you all are doing good!

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We hit 50° the other day lol … I couldn’t believe it. We are back down to the 30’s and 40’s now. Snow is pretty much gone. We just got a little dusting so maybe it will be white for Christmas tomorrow … hard to tell at this point. It’s rained almost every day for a month. :wink:

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Hey Kermie! Good to see you bud! :slight_smile:

Hi, Keming. Long time, no see. :smile:

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