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Hi. I have a Lenovo ThinkPad with IntelCore i5 processor. When I use After Effects it usually crashes in the preview, I have to close and open it again. If I change the processor to an i7, does it solve the problem? I only use it for study. Thanks

What are your system specs - all of them.
i5 processor is so vague, there’s about 100 different i5 processors
And some i5 processors are better than some i7 processors.

So what processor model do you have?
How much Ram?
What graphics card do you have?

What happens when you preview? Any errors show up? Or just crashes without explanation? Any crash reports?

What is the exact nature of the crash?

Intel(R) Core™ i5-6300U CPU @ 2.40GHz 2.50 GHz
Ram 8,00 GB
The preview just stops…

Are you looking at buying a new computer?

As you mentioned changing to an i7.

I think the main problem is both the processor and lack of RAM.

No mention of graphics card…

If you are thinking of a new computer, what’s the budget?

Your laptop doesn’t meet the minimum system requirements for AF:

^ this.
Your machine isn’t even close.

Unfortunately as stated, your hardware just isn’t capable of running AE. That’s the biggest drawback of After Effects, you will need to invest a couple grand into a machine to run it.
16 gb of RAM minimum.
i7 or i9, either is fine.
Most importantly in my mind you’ll want a Real Solid Video Card (GPU) That would be my primary concern in buying or building a new rig if you want to run AE well. Ram is cheap and easy to upgrade.

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Ram isn’t always easy to upgrade. These days, on most laptops, it’s soldered in at the factory. Check that before purchase and if still going with that unit, max it out. You can run AE on a laptop, I’ve seen it done. But it sure wanted to be plugged in to do it.