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I’m posting in the general category because my question has to do with both hardware AND software.

I’m a complete novice to design. What setup should I try first? I am running Windows 10 Home on a Dell laptop with a touchscreen. I also have a iPad mini 4. Can I draw with a stylus on my Dell touch screen? Can I draw on my iPad with a stylus and somehow have the input go to my Dell? Or, should I buy a graphics tablet, like the ones from Wacom?

I’m presently using Photoshop CS6 and Inkscape 0.92.3, but would be happy to switch to other programs like Affinity or Corel. Thanks for any suggestions. I truly appreciate the advice.

What kind of graphic design you are planing to do?
what dell model do you have? (what it specs?)

Photoshop is remarkably limiting if you want to design professionally.
You’ll need InDesign - that will be your go-to program for nearly every design piece. Illustrator will be your gateway to creating logos, illustrations, and all other vector related graphics.

Photoshop will be for photo editing and perhaps background design for photography related items.

All will come together in InDesign for the final layout.

Not a fan of PC platforms - I wouldn’t trade my IMAC for the world. But you won’t be limited as a designer by your computer choice. Just make sure you have a sufficient graphics card and adequate RAM to run the software.

Biggs graphic card is important for none motion designer?
Every where i check before, the answers for people was for a PC/laptop (for win users) 16GB RAM and i7 processor.

16 gigs ram, a fast processor and a large hard drive. Design programs are scratch hogs and need a lot of clean disk space in order to work speedily. With graphic design, time is money.

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Thank you, Max, Biggs and PrintDriver!

I’m an amateur and will never design professionally. Sometimes I find myself in need of a graphic… for a business card, a greeting card, a letter to a child, a sewing pattern… My question should have been more specific. How do I get graphics from my brain into my computer? Is there a way to draw on my touchscreen Dell? Is there a way to draw on my ipad and load the graphic to my computer? Should l get a graphics tablet? If so, what kind?

Thanks again for your ideas and your willingness to share your experience!

I have attached the specifications for my Dell.specs

That’s sort of a hard question to answer since most here are professional designers who use tools that you probably don’t want to bother with or buy. Most pros use Adobe graphics applications, but they’re expensive and come with a big learning curve. I’m just not sure what kind of tools are available on the amateur end.

Personally, I don’t use tablets for anything other than watching movies and reading books. Some designers use them as part of their design/production process, but they’re not really necessary. You can do everything on a regular desktop computer.

You just need the right software and the patience to learn how to use it (plus a bit of talent). As a Mac user, I’m just not familiar with what’s available at the hobbyist end for Windows. There are others here who use PCs. Perhaps they can give you more specific answers.

I built my own computer for roughly $1300.

GTX 1080
4K screen (id never go back to standard)
Ryzen 5 processor
Be Quiet Case
16Gb Ram
1 m.2 SSD
3 HardDrives

I use mine for gaming as well as design and it doesnt really fail me. I prefer it to the Macs they have at University. Not that Macs arent great, I just grew up with a PC and its navigation, i can work a Mac…time is money though.

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