Has Covid affected your industry?

That’s awesome! I hope one day to work with a great company like that. They sound like very good people.

Thank your for that information! I’m loving all the feedback! I definitely want the experience that ways when I do graduate, hopefully I’ll have something great to look forward to!
Do they let interns work from home? I know as of now cause of the pandemic they might consider? Just a question. I’ve never done internship before.

I lost 99.9% of ALL my freelance.

That’s terrible. So sorry, I hope things turn around for you! :pray:t2::pray:t2:

Hi there,
I am also of the same view that nothing much changed for the online workers but covid brought drastic change for those who lost their jobs. Industries faced much damage when closed due to the pandemic.
So, my sad feelings for the affected population.


No our interns do not get to work from home. We are a hands on type of operation. What you design you often have to build. It’s a sign shop sort of division in a much larger company that makes much larger things. The whole idea is teaching how to be part of a team. Actually we don’t do a lot of design. Though interns do get to design and make in-house signage. They also get to do site installs. Which is why they have to be paid employees.

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My clients have told me their revenues are down 70%-90%. 2 of my contacts have been laid off and their projects cancelled. I’ve been told by almost everyone there is no work scheduled for the foreseeable future.

Given what’s happening with the anti-maskers, I think even if there is a vaccine in the spring, not enough people are going to get it and the pandemic will continue to drag on the economy through 2021.

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Never mind the anti-maskers and the anti-vaxers. Darwin at his best. Unless they do things like some of the stuff I’ve heard like intentionally coughing on food in a grocery store… around here they’d keelhaul you for that but I hear stories on another forum where it does happen.

In my part of the industry we are asking what it’s gonna take to get people to believe in attending large gathering events like tradeshows and staged entertainment (live shows.) No one seems to have an answer to that question. What would it take to get you to go outside again?

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Until the pandemic runs its course, either through vaccinations or through enough people catching it, I’m not too sure anything could or should convince me to attend a crowded, indoor event.

On the other hand, once this thing winds down next spring or summer, I’m thinking people will be flocking to these kinds of events for the simple reason that they can again. Even at that point, I suspect there will be a heightened awareness of crowds, personal space and being careful.

One thing I hope this pandemic has done is to have finally killed off the idiotic practice of shaking hands with people we meet.


Since the pandemic, it has affected my industry. Affected is a loose term though. For me it’s been positive. As I service a pharma industry, so it’s been amazing for me. I also never go into the office anymore. We only do zoom/team calls. And it’s been a rousing success. We are going to keep people working at home.

For me, I’m saving well over £1000 a month on travel, lunches, dog care, child care, and many other outgoings that were needed while being stuck in an office for 8-12 hours a day, plus a 2 hour commute each day.

So - yes - it’s affected my industry - in a very positive way - pharma is always thriving. And especially with Covid.

And that effect from the Covid, has affected the industry, and it’s positively impacted my life. I switch on at 8am and turn off at 4pm. It’s sooo soothing and I am already home. Easy.

Sorry if anyone is affected in a negative way - I understand there’s a privilege I am experiencing. However, I just wanted to share a positive experience.

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This just reminded me, I only have 1 freelance client in Pharma and they were already doing well pre-covid (sold out in many places) but during lockdown, they were doing even better. I design branding and packaging for their condoms. :smiley:


Ha - I design and market some products for colleges/universities/lafs what they call “shag packs” (shag being a term for sex in these parts!)

But mostly medicinal, not really allowed to talk about it - ndas and all that.

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That’s awesome Buda! LOL!

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