Hatch/Cross Hatch Syle

Looking to start doing some hatch shading. I’m trying to emulate this style:

The line variation makes me think a tablet was used. But the consistency of the angle would be REALLY tough to do. While the faces might be hand drawn and scanned in, I think the lines were added after.

What’s the most effective way to achieve this result. I really want the thin - thick - thin type of hatched line.

Are there any brush packs out there you think would do the trick? I did run aross this one but from the preview it looks like the hatchings are way more distressed than what I’m looking for.

Here’s a quick-and-dirty example of something-like-that.
It started as a simple Blend-set of stroked diagonal paths.

  • Expanded the Blend; Ungrouped
  • Expanded the strokes
  • Applied Effect > Distort & Transform > Roughen with small size and low detail (adjust to desired level of distortion; I was conservative)
  • Expanded Appearance
  • Cropped down to an ellipse shape by making them a Compound Path, drawing the ellipse in front, and using Pathfinder > Intersect
  • Softened the Pathfinder-cut ends by applying Effect > Stylize > Round Corners with small radius.

Very nice.

Any idea how to get that thin to thick to thin look? My guess woud be to create a blend with thin to thick to thin lines and roughen. Then create a pattern or brush.

To get the look of the examples you posted, the Roughen effect on 2 expanded strokes first, then making a Blend between them might be interesting. (Increasing the Roughen filter’s Size setting while lowering the Detail setting can get you closer to that thin/thick/thin result.)

I’ll try that. I was thinking of drawing a shape like this
Then rounding the corners, roughening, and making a blend.

Looks more like scratchboard to me.

Have you ever seen the work of Mark Summers?


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I’ve used Engraved Effect Photoshop actions for a project where the client wanted a portrait to look like engraving illustration found on currency. You’ll have to play with the settings a little to get what you want but there are plenty of free actions out there including this one: https://blog.spoongraphics.co.uk/freebies/free-engraved-illustration-effect-action-for-photoshop

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Very cool. Exceptional artist!

So I did some creeping on the original artists IG page. I was able to find in the comments that they did this effect by hand with a tablet.

I was actually able to kind of emulate what they did by creating a grid and drawing over it with my Wacom. I’ll post it when I’m done.

Cool! There’s also a plugin for photoshop called Engraver, I think it’s on version 3 now… and there’s a vector solution by using Vectoraster - which is also very cool.

The technique here is called Engraved/Graving which may give some hints on things to look up. It’s a long process to do this by hand which I guess is why it is so popular with bank notes and such like as it’s very difficult to copy unless you are an extremely talented artist.

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