Haunted Zoo

Hello everyone, first-timer here :slight_smile: im looking forward to participating in this forum:). so i JUST started design and im pretty crap but i was making a practice project so i can make better logos in school (grade 9) ive come up with some logo directions and almost finalized them, the layout / typography is the only thing bugging me.

the logo attached ( https://drive.google.com/file/d/1l1njSEK3zZvtnWcrZkEMZnroguZKmVOH/view?usp=sharing ) is a logo for a haunted zoo (spooky) which is basically a ghost shape with a paw in the middle, the paw doubles as a face for the ghost with the black parts being the face. the the shape also resembles a gravestone thats been pulled out of the ground with jagged bottom edge,
any feedback / critique would be great!

most scrumptious regards, sami mc sami aka

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Welcome Aboard Sami! :slight_smile:

thanks : )

Hi Sami, What you have posted is one concept with 3 fonts. Did you have any other concepts we can look at?

Yeah actually! i met someone through omegle who helped me with the ghost concept and gave me another direction to take, i also have a concept for a pentagram logo that i never digitalised until now :slight_smile:
here are the links:
im not too sure about the pentagram colors/ the grass color, i think the gravestone idea is cool but if i make the pentagram one a bit more polished it would definitely be my pick. :))

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