Have A Great Weekend!



Have a relaxing weekend gang!!! See y’all on the flip-side. :smiley:

We have a big week next week and been running around like crazy this week. I plan on vegging and eating bad food … well good food but bad for you lol … there may be alcohol involved.
:smiley: :pizza::wine_glass::taco::cocktail::popcorn::tropical_drink::poultry_leg::beer::hotdog::tumbler_glass: :smiley:

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Happy Friday Y’all!
It’s April 20th, and the temp is 35 or something equally disappointing. Aand I have the flu for the umpteenth time this season. Soo, I’ll be spending my weekend in bed surrounded by tissues and tea… and maybe a dram or 7 of whiskey, for medicinal purposes of course. :grin::tumbler_glass::tumbler_glass::tumbler_glass::sneezing_face::mask::face_with_thermometer::face_with_head_bandage::nauseated_face:

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I believe I am working tomorrow.
We’ll see how much of this uh…stuff… on my desk I can shovel today and maybe it will only be for a few hours.
It’s cold outside anyway. I don’t mind fishing in the rain, but when it bounces off the ground, that’s a bit too chilly for fun.

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Did someone say whiskey/whisky (well I imbibe both)?

Have a good one everyone!

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I have a prescription for Wild Turkey’s American Honey.
The finest honey whiskey you’ll ever have.

Mix with home brewed, unsweetened tea.
Also good directly from the bottle.


By itself, it’s a little sweet for me. But mixing it with tea? I’ll have to give that a try.

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Feel better Pan :heart:

It’s cold here still as well. We did get some sun today though … it was great to be out with actual sun vs. gray, gloomy, rainy skies :wink:

Don’t work too hard PD … fishing sounds much better :wink:

and I never heard of American Honey. That sounds interesting :slight_smile:

I’m in for an interesting weekend. There’s this incredibly persistent robin which keeps pecking on the master bedroom window … like non-stop. This bird either wants in or it’s calling me out.

Hitchcock’s movie The Birds is beginning to play in my head …time to block the fireplaces!

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LOL … cover your eyes :wink:

We’ve made some fond memories with Wild Turkey’s American Honey. It’s been a while though.

It’s Saturday night here and I’m on my way to a farewell party. I made the mistake of putting on makeup before getting dressed. Now I’m going to have to get dressed carefully so I don’t smudge my face. It’s a dress up (costume) party and the theme is “WORLD” because it’s a farewell party for some friends that are going traveling for an unknown amount of time. I’ve hustled and crafted a costume from stuff I already own and I’m pleased with how it turned out.


That sounds like a blast Buda! Have fun and take a pic or two :wink:

I slept in. Put in 3 hours of overtime last night not to have to go to work today (which would have been overtime plus a commute.)
It’s still only just 40° outside. Was below 30 when I got up. Guess I’ll wait to see if it warms up later to powerwash the boat and get it ready to go. Assuming the hose is melted out of the snowbank at that end of the house. LOL.
No idea where Spring is this year. Global Warming. Not.

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We actually have some sun again today and our windows were open for a little bit. We have one tree with buds on it. So, Spring is coming … it’s just dragging it’s feet, kicking and screaming this year :wink:

I find it less sweet, or at least more ‘naturally sweet’ than say Honey Jack, or other honey whiskeys. If, you’re into honey.

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