Have Image to Fit Canvas Size in PhotoShop

Hi All, How do I get my image to fit a specifed canvas size in PhotoShop? My image is 16.5 pixels by 11 300 ppi and I want it to fit an 8.5 X 11 canvas size. The image is for ditgital use so I think the ppi can be lower. I assume I have to do some kind of cropping. Thanks.

16.5pixels by 11 300ppi means absolutley nothing.
Try again.
If you mean 16.5" x 11" then the aspect ratio is slightly wrong for 8.5" x 11"
You will have to enlarge slightly to 11.33 x 17, then scale down 50% then crop down to your final size.

If you mean inches in your post, you will be reducing the scale by half so increasing the resolution x2.
If you really meant 16.5 pixels, find a new image.

As for reducing resolution for digital use, it depends on what digital process and your end purpose.
Don’t forget your bleeds. You may want to enlarge to 11.6666 x 17.5 and crop down from there.

Hi PrintDriver I typed that incorrectly. Yes it is 16.5 X 11 inches. Thanks.

I gave the wrong numbers for the photo actually the original size is 5.4" X 3.4" inches and trying to make it fit on a canvas size of 8.5" X 11" . Is that possible?