Have you found a software that can automatically download fonts?

For example, if you put a few fonts in a folder, you can download the fonts by simply clicking on the folder.

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Sorry Panda I don’t think that you know what you are doing. All your questions are about “free”, “downloading fonts”, “not knowing what typekit is”, “software that makes things work”.

In stead of asking all these stupid questions, just tell who you are?, what you do?; where do you live? What do you want to achieve.

If you do maybe whe can help you, otherwise you are a **** in the ***

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What folder where? What are you asking exactly?

Do you mean download? Or activate?

I am sorry, I am a newbie.

Similar to the font management software in CorelDraw.


What do you mean?

Why do I have to say where I live? doing what? Otherwise what am I?Do you think stupidity is stupid?

Is this what you think is stupid?You are simply discrimination.I don’t know typekit? I just asked how to download colored fonts. What happened free?

What is the forum doing? Isn’t it a matter of asking everyone to discuss it together?

In fact, is to find a full-featured font software.

Panda, it’s apparent that English isn’t your native language. People are getting frustrated because it’s very difficult to understand what you’re asking.

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Thank you, I have been using translation tools all the time. Only you can understand me.

You don’t download colored fonts, you add color in program after you download it.

I think Panda was referring to a new font format, of sorts, that has color built right into the glyphs. Officially, it’s called OpenType-SVG fonts, but everyone is using the term color fonts.

The pros and cons of color fonts are debatable, but here’s a link that explains a bit about them: https://www.colorfonts.wtf


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