Having trouble finding a stock image

I’ve seen the following design on various commercial products from different companies, with some

Unfortunately, I have not been able to find it, or its constituent parts, on stock image sites (although I’ve come pretty close).

(Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to include links in my posts yet).

I’ve also tried doing reverse image searches.

Does anyone have any idea where I could purchase the original?

We need a little more to go on. :wink:

You can’t post links as a first time poster. It cut’s down dramatically on the amount of spam garbage we get.

You could always have taken a screen shot and posted it or upload the photo in question.

For now I’ll up your status as long as the link you are posting is not spam we’re good :slight_smile:

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I should have mentioned the search terms and a description.

Here is the image on a t-shirt sold by Amazon, and here it is on a duvet cover and pillows sold by a third party on Amazon.

These appear to be exactly the same image, with the one on the sheets being stretched along the horizontal axis.

However, it is possible to find very similar versions, such as this one.

The fact that two versions of it come from Amazon leads me to thinking that they are the source of the image, while the fact that a third party has gotten a hold of it leads me to believe it is possible for me to do the same. I’d like the first version, which is clearly superior. :face_with_monocle:

Thanks for reading.

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Also similar

You can use the keywords given under those images to look elsewhere. If you use them, be sure to read the licensing and the number of impressions you can do. You may need an extended license.

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I’m not finding exact matches either. This is what I did find though.

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Hi. Thanks to everyone for trying. I probably could make something very similar using stock images, but having given it some thought, I probably should go with something more dissimilar, if I can’t find an exact match.

While I mull it over I’ve reached out to Amazon and that 3rd party company to see if they could advise me further, or just make what I want.

So far, no resoinses

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Are you a designer or someone just liking what you’ve seen and wanting to use it for some reason?

As a designer, stock art can be great to fill in gaps in budgets. Considering that you seem to know exactly what you want and the time it sounds like you’ve spent trying to track this down, why not just draw it yourself? Then again, I’m assuming you have some design skills given that this is a design forum. If not, never mind.

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Flickr for the broadest range of stock photos

Unsplash for searching collections of similar images

Pexels for supporting photographers who are engaged with a platform

Pixabay for illustrations

GIPHY for the broadest range of GIFs

Gfycat for high-quality GIFs

StockSnap for new stock photos

Google Images for advanced searches including reverse image search

Gratisography for quirky images you won’t see anywhere else

Canva for adding simple enhancements and overlays

Burst for eCommerce companies

New Old Stock for vintage photos

USA .gov for historical photos from the U.S.

PikWizard for editorial photos

Freepik for vectors

Stockvault for textures

Startup Stock Photos for photos of startups

Foodiesfeed for photos of food

Picography for scenic photos

Kaboompics for different shots of the same object

these are the best websites for finding stock images.

Flickr is NOT a stock site (neither is Giphy, and especially not Google Images.) Sure, some photos on there are Creative Commons Zero, but most are not. There are varying levels of Creative Commons licensing from free to use for anything, to free to use for personal use (but not commercial, which is what designing graphic designs is, commercial,) to free to use if the piece it is used in is ALSO creative commons, to fully copyrighted no use allowed. Read it and understand it. And seriously, good luck trying to contact someone via Flickr, Giphy or Google search when your client insists on having that image.

Otherwise, that list is all sorta low-end stuff. Freepik even advertises for Adobe Stock on their top rows of results. The difference in quality from what’s below can be a turn off in all kinds of ways.

Be careful when choosing stock photos off free/low end sites. I’ve seen some rips in my work (I do serious image acquisition quite often) and if an image, a) can’t be licensed in a manner that satisfies ours or my client’s legal team, b) the photog can’t be contacted for model or property release, or c) it turns up in a reverse image search, well…

And there is one site in particular that allows Public Domain work to be sold as Rights Managed. Before you outlay $100-plus for RM imagery, be very sure of the provenance. A clue? A statement to the effect of “Due to the age of this photo, some damage may be visible in the file.” If the thing is only 4" x 3" and 72 ppi, it isn’t damage. Suspect it’s a web image from somewhere else.

Due Diligence!

I’m not even gonna ask why the OP is looking for that one particular image, but at least they are going about it correctly by contacting the source.

Don’t forget

:point_up: :nerd_face:

Shutterstock :slight_smile:

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