Hello! let's ALL collaborate & make something big

Hello everyone!

I’m new here so I hope this doesn’t break the rules as I want this project as a way to get to know other designers and mutually benefit from the combined recognition,

The idea is to make this thread a place to share our social media post-designs and make it a friendly place to discuss them and at some point create a collaborative project on Behance showcasing our work thus all of us benefiting

I’ve seen projects like this getting huge amount of attention on Behance.

again I hope this is fine by the community standards and thanks for your time!

I’ll start by sharing a few of my post-designs and you’re all more than welcome to join aboard!

[ Work ]
This work is done for a local client specialized in crafting high-tier copper door handles and accessories, it’s target demographic are upper class families in the region, it’s got an already good client base and substantial brand recognition, my goal was to double-down on the beauty of copper and give the designs a magical-fancy aesthetic.

please share your thoughts and WORK with me! :slight_smile:

A month’s work in a blink