Hello Summer Friday! 6/21/19

It’s a big day today!

First Day of Summer
The Summer Solstice
The Longest Day of the Year
and FRIDAY!!! :smiley:




I guess I’m in a pessimistic mood today. Instead of thinking “yeah, it’s the longest day of the year,” my first thought was “you mean the days are going to start getting shorter already?” It’s been a weird summer here. Very wet, cool (at least cooler than normal), and gray. Anyway, the rest of today should be good. No meetings or calls, happy hour at a neighbor’s house, then we’re going to St. Louis’ original microbrewery (it’s in a turn of the century building that used to house a printer) to hear a buddy’s old time string band.

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It’s been much the same type weather here. One really nice warm day about once a week if we are lucky. The other days are cool and rainy … sometimes cool and somewhat sunny … but just an odd one so far.

Sounds like fun tonight for you! Have a great time :slight_smile:

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That’s the way it’s been here in Utah as well. It’s been unusually cool and wet all spring. Yesterday evening, just after sunset, I took our dog for a walk. I needed to put on a jacket and a hat to stay warm since it was in the low 50s F. It’s officially summer now that the solstice has occurred, but it’s still a bit cool today.

It will likely turn scorching hot overnight one of these first days as summer hits all of a sudden with 100° F temperatures.

I’m just happy to have lived thru Friday. What a madhouse at work. Didn’t do a blessed thing all weekend except eat good food and float around in the boat pretending to fish (so as not to have to do “chores.”)

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Sounds like a good weekend to me. :wink:

I went the chores route (trimmed trees, worked in the vegetable garden, etc.). I also took 100-mile ride on my motorcycle yesterday, which isn’t quite as relaxing as floating in a boat, but still a reward for getting those chores more or less done.

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