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Hello! I am someone who wants to get into design. I have a bunch of Photoshop experience, and have tried online courses, but nothing that really seemed to be the right fit for me. I found this forum as I want to find someone who could potentially help me out in any way. If you have the time and the niceness, I would love to know you! Thanks!

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Hiya nekro!!! :taco: :bacon: :taco:

Welcome Aboard!

We have lots of seasoned professionals here that can help with pretty much any question you have.

We also have a student forum here

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Welcome! Ask away.

Hi, I’m a newbie logo designer although I am teaching myself everything about deisgn and typography as I go. My day job is in Data science so using the creative side of my is something I find relaxing. There is no logical right or wrong and all subjectively done.

Anyways I hope to learn and maybe one day be able to help others users.



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There is no logical right or wrong and all subjectively done.

I do have to, respectfully, beg to differ with that.

When it comes to logo design it can’t be subjective. Everything that that is done when creating a logo has to meet an objective. It has to have a logical reason for being done. Everything from marketing demographic to production values have to be considered.

The same goes for graphic design in general, the idea being to communicate a message effectively to a specified segment of a population. Every element of the design needs to be considered along with the marketing theory, psychology, demographics, competition, etc. behind it, all requiring a certain amount of research effort.

On the original subject of “knowing Photoshop,”
Photoshop is an image editing tool, or a tool for creating raster-based art. It is not a layout tool. It is not used for logo creation. To advance in the graphic arts, you need to learn vector-based programs such as InDesign and Illustrator, and know when to use what. Because I am at war with Adobe over their current version of Illustrator, my preference for most layout work is Indesign. Illustrator is fine for vector art such as logos, but as even a single page layout tool, it is becoming a very distant second to Indesign. I definitely don’t recommend Illustrator for multi-page work except in a very limited rather niche usage involving printing of tiled panels. Even then InDesign has some page management tricks I prefer over the Artboards of Illustrator.

Photoshop works are Placed (not embedded) within Indesign or Illustrator documents. Text and vector art such as logos are handled in Illy or InD in order to keep them vector sharp and color accurate rather than reverting to the resolution and color space of your Photoshop doc.

Photoshop-rasterized text that becomes 4-color during conversion is a pressman’s nightmare when it comes to registration. Some people can’t see misregistration of plates, or they don’t recognize it for what it actually is, but if the text even just “looks” blurry or out of sorts, it brings down the quality of the printed piece considerably.

That’s not to say there aren’t exceptions. I do a lot of very large format printwork where the imagery is created only in Photoshop. Very large 40’ x 16’ scenic backdrops for instance (@ 25ppi at final size usually.) Some of these have text elements, but only as a representation of a brand and as a muted backdrop to a more heavily branded experience.

Welcome aboard dangerousdave101!!! :taco::beer::taco:

Welcome! Learning how to use software is just a small part of what a graphic designer does. It is a tool. Learning software makes you a software operator, not a designer.

Graphic design is super broad so you may want to figure out what types of graphic design you want to do and we can give you pointers on what you should study to get there. There is so much to learn but you may naturally be drawn to certain aspects so start there if it gets the ball rolling.

Are you learning design as a hobby, or are you looking to be a graphic designer someday? The market for designers is saturated and I’ll be honest, when I have hired designers, I don’t hire anyone without a formal qualification AND work experience.

Welcome! I’m new too! Hope I can be helpful.

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