My name is Kai Badger I’m new in this forum I have a small business in Cheyenne. I hope i need lots of help in this forum.

Hey there! Welcome. What sort of business do you run? Is it a design shop?

Yes this is design shop i have a small business in Cheyenne, united states. i just discuss front end & back end web development today and new tools and frames works which one is better for today business and i run a website .If u see my website i send you link check and suggested me something what lacks on our website.

That’s quite interesting since our server software logged your IP address as coming in from Karachi. There aren’t too many businesses with offices in both Wyoming and Pakistan. You must find the travel back and forth exhausting.


Yes exactly right we have two office headquarters.First main headquarter in and united state and second in Pakistan .Thanks for reply :slight_smile:

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