HELP! Best Printers for Wedding Invitations

Hi all!
I’ve recently gotten really into designing wedding invitations and materials and am trying to find a great printer. I love the finished work I’ve seen from Minted and similar sites, but unfortunately, they do not allow you to upload custom designs. Looking for an online service or local shop in Chicago that produces great quality work, embossing/“debossing,” foil, etc.
Thank you so much!!

This is going to be a magnet thread for all sorts of spam.

All print services are “online.” Have you considered checking out a few local printshops? If you want REALLY good work, find someone who is going to pay attention to the details, not some gang-print place.

Quality, Fast, Cheap.
Pick any TWO.

New to this forum – thank you so much for the input!
I am based in Chicago so will look locally! Any suggestions are appreciated :slight_smile:

I think Print Driver covered it.

Closing this as it is most definitely a spam magnet. :wink:

Good luck with your search.

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