Help building out abstract / chaotic shapes

I’m looking for the best way to build out these complex and fractured abstract shapes included in the attached images.

If anyone has any insight on how to achieve this, I would greatly appreciate the insight!
Thanks in advance :grinning:


They could be extruded easily in Illustrator. You’ll have to muck around with the lighting angle to get them the way you want. You may have to expand and select the faces to change the colors.

Thanks! I’ll take a look into that.

I’m more interested in the non 3D looking ones (2nd and 3rd images), but does that mean I’ll have to draw all those shapes individually?

You could use the rectangle tool to draw a few shapes, then tilt a few of them, duplicate, drag, scatter and overlap everything into a messy pile. Select all, then using the pathfinder’s divide tool, break all of them into pieces.

Of course you’d still need to distribute the pieces around in whatever way was to your liking, but you wouldn’t need to draw all the pieces separately.

Thanks, Just-B

This is really helpful and seem like it’s probably the best / easiest easiest way to achieve this shattered geomtry effect


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