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For a client we need to counterfeit some existing images on windows. See attached foto’s. I have no idea how to do this with adobe illustrator or photoshop because of the different sizes and spaces between the letters. This is not possible with a simple pattern ?
The end product needs to be a vectorized text image that i can work with in Illustrator. The text wil be printed with white ink on a transparant foil.

Can anybody help ? Is there an other program that can be used to make these images made of text and have the same text options te play with.

Help would really be appreciated!

There is probably, somewhere, a random generator that does this. I haven’t run across one, but maybe RKK has seen one.

By counterfeit, I assume contacting the original designer for the file is out of the question?

BTW, This is a lesson in how not to make a logo.

What’s “transparent foil?” and what’s your end product going to be?
You may be able to fake your way through it by putting a piece of black posterboard on the non-ink side of the glass and photographing the ink side. It looks like white ink on Lintec film applied to glass. Be careful if the ink isn’t overlammed. You don’t want to scratch the ink off the film. Not all white inks are created equal. Some have better adhesion than others.

Something like this, but I don’t think this one is the right one.

Nope. The original designer is not to be found.

By transparent foil I mean a window film that’s transparent.

Thats exactly what we did. Making pictures with a black film on the non ink side. actually they are transparent windows with an transparent film printed with white ink. But it needs to be vectorized so pictures will not work.

I think I found te program:

Im trying it right now but unfortunately they program is spinning on converting te image for 30 min now. Im afraid its not working :frowning:

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This is the only one I know of:

I did this in just a few seconds. Looks like you can tweak things as to how you want them pretty well. It can all be done online.


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