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Hi all,

I’ve been using FontExplorer for a while now but one thing keeps bugging me, maybe you can point me in the right direction. I’m probably missing something obvious here.

I have set up multiple sets, mainly by foundry. When I create a new set for a specific project I cannot add fonts that are already in the foundry set to this set. I get the message:

Because already imported fonts were skipped, no fonts were imported.

It makes no difference wether the font is activated or not.

How can I create project sets that have overlapping fonts with other sets? I want to keep my foundry sets for simply browing and at the same time have sets for projects.

Any help appreciated!

I don’t use FontExplorer so I cannot give advice on it. But I can highly recommend MainType by High Logic, I use this program and it is very good.
MainType allows you to categorise fonts and set up groups which can then be installed/uninstalled or backed up. It also shows a lot of information about each font. MainType is a Windows only program.

I have no connection with HighLogic apart from using their products.

I’ve never come across that message before. Whether they are activated or not, I can easily drag them from set to set without problems. Are you trying to try-import them into each set?. If so, don’t. Just drag the icon from one set to another… Then if you want to remove ctrl-click its icon on the the send and scroll down in the sub menu to ‘remove from set’ and it will remove it from that set alone, leaving all other instances in other sets untouched.

Hope this helps.

I feel so stupid, I was dragging the font files from my finder window in the sets…
I knew it was user error but this was easy, lol.


@ PJMiller: thanks, I’m in a Mac.

You’re welcome. Heartening to see it’s not just me does that kind of stuff! I really must learn to check my posts before hitting ‘reply’, though. So many corrective text screw-ups in there. At least you managed to understand what I meant, thankfully.

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