Help Creating Multi-Colour Font

I need to recreate a font design effect like the attached example. I’m not sure how to do this in Photoshop. Can anyone offer some help as to how to apply the 3 colors in this manner? Also, does anyone recognize the font? Thanks!

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Check out this tutorial on making a gradient text in Illustrator.

Outline your text and run a mask of those colors?

The font is Helvetica Neue Bold Condensed. Ha! I got one before RedKittieKat! :smiley:


The colors most likely come from a single gradient swatch, and not three independent colors. Do to this in photoshop, I think it may be as simple as filling the type layer with a gradient fill.

Another way would be to createe two layers, one with the typesetting and one with a gradient background. Ctrl A or select all on the type layer, then change layers to the gradient layer while keeping the selection marque active, and Cntrl J to copy to new layer

This is the answer:

Check out this tutorial on making a gradient text in Illustrator .


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