Help finding a budget monitor

Hey guys. I’m struggling with finding a new monitor. I have always used cinema/thunderbolt displays but every one I get seems to develop issues pretty quickly. I think they are just getting dated.

They can be bought for around $300-400 dollars and I am trying to find a decent replacement. Needs to be 27 or 32".

Any suggestions? Is there anything as good as the MacBook Pro or Thunderbolt Display in that range or is that wishful thinking?


Any suggestions? Thanks

go to a local recycling center and get one for free.
i found 3 that are hdmi and good, one is a dell , flat screen, great resolution.
these were donated to local small businesses who needed monitors and gave one to a neighbor this year.
iI use my 720 dpi Samsung TV with a $10 adaptor if i need more screen, there are Monitors for under 100 at several computer store in the USA that should fit your needs.

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