Help For a newbie

Hi everyone, i have zero photoshop skills and need help for creating a fake instagram post model. Where to start?

That’s a pretty vague question. I’m not even sure what you’re talking about when you say “post model.” I think you’d be better off giving us a lot more detail, such as: your background, tools you have available, your experience, the nature of the project (is this for school. is it a paid job), what the end goal is, etc.

My goal is to showcase a sample copy to a dermatologist through a mock-up Instagram post. I have zero previous experience in graphic design."

In that case, I’d say you have two options. Option one, spend a lot of time on tutorials, muck your way through it yourself, and end up with what will likely be mediocre results. Option two, hire a professional that can ask the right questions to develop communications that will make the target market respond.


Not sure what you are trying to accomplish here. What is a “sample copy”?
It sounds like you are trying to pull off something you aren’t capable of delivering and whatever it is you are delivering may not be usable for the purpose you are making it for.

Personally, I’d just make an instagram post and screenshot it.
-if Instagram mattered enough to me to actually have the app. (I don’t.)