Help! How is this done?


Hi All,
I have been asking a few design friends and still stumped as to how this is done.
I can get ripple / warp effect to change the movement of the type. However - not sure how to get this kind of light refraction under water rainbow effect. HELP!!!

On some photographs, you’ll see a phenomenon known as chromatic aberration. That’s the fancy name for the color fringing around high contrast edges. For the most part, camera and lens manufacturers try to minimize this, and Lightroom and Photoshop are good at removing it as well. In your case, it looks like you wan to actually add chromatic aberration. So I’d set the type in Illustrator, render it into Photoshop, and then use a technique like this to add chromatic aberration to the resulting Photoshop image.

That’s an easy to use effect I just discovered myself: in Photoshop you have to warp the text and then modify each of the colour channels a little more. Easy to do and a great way to experiment with glitch effects. this is what came out when I started to play with it:

Awesome- just tried it. I just still can’t get it right, but it may just need lots of TLC. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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I’ve been looking for some help to get a similar effect as well! Thanks for this thread and the replies :slight_smile:

It will likely take some experimentation to get just the look you’re going for. The link I provided was more intended to point you in the right direction than to be the definitive solution for your exact need. Glad it helped.

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